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Somalia: Puntland President Meets The Dismissed PSF Director

BOSSASO (SD) – A meeting between the President of Puntland State of Somalia Said Abdullahi Deni and the sacked Director of PSF Mohamud Osman Diyano concluded in shambles, according to sources close to the organisers.

The source added that the two sides did not agree on the issues discussed, with former Director Diyano flanked by King Burhan King Muse.

Puntland President Said Deni has reportedly asked the sacked director, Mohamud Diyano, to accept his removal first and hand over the post.

Some traditional elders who attended the meeting told sources that Director Diyano had rejected President Deni’s request to step down.

Mohamud Osman Diyano is said to have demanded that the President accept the final decision of the Bari Regional Leaders, which recommended that Diyano remain the director of the PSF and then resolve any differences.

Multiple attempts to resolve the dispute over Puntland President Said Deni’s dismissal of the PSF director have failed several times, resulting in heavy fighting in Bossaso.

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