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Somalia: Re-liberating Freedom Fighters” take area back from Al-Shabaab

Mogadishu Wednesday, September, 7, 2022 (SD) – Heavy fighting that took place again last night in Eeley area, approximately 30 KM away from Mahaas district, between local fighter’s forces named “Re-liberating Freedom Fighters” and Al-Shabaab.

It has been reported that 10 fighters died from both sides during the fighting last night, while the number of injured haven’t been disclosed yet.

The fighting that took place last night in Eeley surrounding areas has the local militias overpowering Al -Shabaab and have taken control.

The local Re-liberating Freedom Fighters recuperated their livestock, that Al-Shabaab had taken from Eeley area two days ago, and freed many civilian prisoners held there.

Since Al-Shabaab killed civilians in Afar-Irdood area in Hiiraan region, there has been an increased attacks from the local forces in response to Al-Shabaab recent attacks and killings of civilians during this week.

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