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Renown Muslim Cleric visits Somaliland’s Supreme court

Hargeisa September 07,2022 (SD) – The Chairman of Somaliland’s Supreme Court, Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, accompanied with other Supreme Court judges, received Sheikh Abdirashid Ali Sufi and other Muslim scholars who are visiting Somaliland, at the headquarters of the Supreme Court in Hargeisa.

The chairman briefed the Sheikh about the ongoing progresses of the country’s Judiciary.

Sheikh Abdirashid Ali Sufi, who spoke at the meeting, reminded both the Supreme Court and the lower Court Judges, accentuating and the importance to always ask Allah for guidance and pray that Allah protects them from Satan, reminding the judges to be connected to Allah, and to fear Allah, that Allah will help them to be able to be fairly-just and efficiently serve the society. The sheikh also spoke about the enormous importance of the judiciary roles to its community.

The sheikh and the Muslim scholars with him toured the different parts of the Courts.

Sheikh Abdirashid Ali Sufi was grateful for the good reception given to him and the scholars who accompanied him. He was also impressed with the great ongoing work in the Courts, praised and prayed for them, that Allah help them in their enormous tasks.

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