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Somalia ready to go to war with Ethiopia

MOGADISHU (SD)-The National Security Advisor to the President of Somalia, Hussein Moalin, stated that Somalia is prepared for a war with Ethiopia to stop it from recognizing Somaliland. The advisor told The Guardian.

The National Security Advisor stated, “We are pursuing all diplomatic options, and I think Ethiopia will come to its senses, but we are ready for war if Abiy Ahmed wants war.”

On January 1, Ethiopia signed an unexpected agreement with Somaliland, allowing the construction of a naval base on an unspecified coast in Somaliland, in exchange for a possible recognition for Somaliland.

This move has raised concerns from Somalia’s Federal government, which declared that Somaliland is part of its territory and that the agreement poses a threat to the unity and sovereignty of Somalia.

The President of Somalia is participating in the upcoming IGAD summit in Kampala, discussing the recent tensions between Somalia and Ethiopia. IGAD aims to find a resolution to the new disputes between the two nations.

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