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Somalia: Residents in Baledweyne trapped in flooded neighborhoods

BELEDWEYNE (SD) -Reports from the Hiran region indicate that there is a critical humanitarian situation in the City of Beledweyne following the flooding of the city by the Shabelle River.

The flooding has affected four neighborhoods in Beledweyne, causing significant and widespread damage, and displacing many residents.

Additionally, there are reports of several families still stranded in the city, facing dire conditions, and it is noted that the extent of the damage becomes even more apparent when observing the water levels that have reached alarming heights.

Families affected by the flooding are also grappling with the challenges of accessing necessities
The death toll from the flooding in Beledweyne has risen to 13, and concerns are growing over the potential for waterborne diseases and the overall well-being of those affected.

The local authorities, as well as the central government, are currently said to be working to provide assistance and relief to the affected population. The situation is further deteriorating due to inadequate efforts to address the urgent needs and provide support to the affected families.

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