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El Niño ravages regions in Somalia

MOGADISHU (SD) -The loss of life and property resulting from the recent heavy rains in some regions in Somalia has increased.

The Director of the National Disaster Management Authority of Somalia (SODMA), Mahamoud Maclin Abdulle, stated that the number of casualties from heavy rainfall and flash floods in the Shabelle and Juba river basins has reached 50 people.

He also mentioned that those affected by the floods have exceeded 70,000 families, with an estimated 1.4 million people affected overall.

“I urge the entire Somali population to come together to support each other and work towards mitigating the impact of these devastating floods,” said the Director of SODMA, Mahamoud Maclin Abdulle.

Finally, the Director of SODMA highlighted the need for the Somali people living in flood-prone areas and locations with ongoing disasters to be cautious, emphasizing the importance of showing resilience and preparedness to face such challenges.

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