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Somalia, Saudi Arabia discuss resumption of livestock trade

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Minister of Livestock, Forestry and Pasture of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Aden Moalim (Somali) today met with the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Somalia Ahmed Bin Mohamed Almuwalad at the Saudi Embassy in Mogadishu.

During the meeting, the Minister and the Ambassador discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations and how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can reopen Somalia’s livestock exports, which have been suspended for some time.

The Minister of Livestock underlined that the governments of Somalia and Saudi Arabia have a long-standing relationship in the areas of livestock trade and cooperation, and the Somali government is ready to play its part.

Ambassador Ahmed Bin Mohamed Almuwalad welcomed the resumption of Somali livestock exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and expressed optimism that they would begin as soon as possible.

Somalia’s Ministry of Livestock, Forestry & Pastoral Affairs says it has been working hard to resume livestock exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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