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Somalia: Second Hormud Fuel Truck burned in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) -A bomb explosion occurred in the city of Mogadishu this afternoon, targeting a Fuel Truck, causing a massive fire.

The exploded truck reportedly belonged to the telecommunications company Hormuud, and the incident took place in the Waxaracade district of Heliwa in Mogadishu.

The explosion did not cause significant human casualties, but it resulted in a massive fire that engulfed the Fuel Truck.

Photos taken at the explosion site show huge flames, indicating that the blast caused a significant fire in the area.

This incident marks the second car bombing targeting a vehicle belonging to Hormuud within the last 48 hours in Mogadishu.

A few hours before the latest attack, a similar incident occurred targeting a Fuel Truck affiliated with Hormuud in the Heliwa district. The blast led to the death of one of the company’s employees, and the aftermath of this explosion involved immediate efforts to control and extinguish the fire.

The reasons behind the attacks on Hormud vehicles are still unknown, and no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. There is no official statement from the Telecommunications group regarding the attacks on their vehicles.

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