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Kenya arrests a Police officer with links to Al Shabab

LOKONI (SD) -Kenya’s security forces reportedly apprehended a senior officer on Saturday, accusing him of having suspected ties to the Al-Shabaab militant group, which has carried out attacks in the region.

The arrested officer was working in Likoni, a district in Mombasa, and was involved in the recruitment of new personnel to strengthen Kenya’s security forces.

Reports indicate that suspicions about the officer arose, leading to his arrest. Subsequent investigations revealed potential connections to Al-Shabaab, and the individual is now facing charges related to involvement with the extremist group.

Legal proceedings against the officer have commenced, involving charges related to collaborating with Al-Shabaab and engaging in activities that undermine the region’s security.

Kenya has been actively involved in counter-terrorism operations, especially against the Al-Shabaab group, which has posed a significant security threat in the region.

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