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Somalia: SNA and local militias clear AS stronghold in Mudug, killing over a hundred

Mogadishu October 05, 2023 (SD) – A fierce battle erupted in the Shabelow area of Mudug region yesterday, pitting government forces against Al-Shabaab militants. The Somali government claimed victory in the battle and reported that the operation resulted in the deaths of many Al-Shabaab fighters and the capture of key individuals linked to the group.

Somali Minister of Information, Daa’uud Aweys Jaamac, speaking to the media in Mogadishu, stated that more than 100 Al-Shabaab militants were killed in the operation in Shabeelow, with a significant number also wounded. He also mentioned that government forces, allied militias from Galmudug, and local forces in the area managed to reclaim contested land and dismantle Al-Shabaab strongholds.

The Minister further revealed that government forces, alongside Galmudug forces and local militias, had destroyed Al-Shabaab’s training camps in the rural areas and disrupted their activities. Additionally, he highlighted that government forces and other coalition troops had intercepted various shipments of supplies to the terrorist group, weakening their capabilities.

The Shabelow area, especially the rural parts, had witnessed intense fighting, including skirmishes and clashes that displaced residents and disrupted normal life, as Al-Shabaab had established a presence there.

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