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Somalia: Bossaso district council members elect rival Chairpersons

Bossaso October 04, 2023 (SD) – There is a serious dispute over the formation of the district council in the city of Bossaso, following a split among the council members elected during the district elections.

Four political parties have agreed to form the Bossaso district council, with the aim of shutting out the other two. This development has generated considerable controversy.

The group supporting the coalition agreement has elected Abdifatah Shanle, a member of the SINCAD party, as the chairman of the Bossaso district council, while the opposing group has chosen Abdurrahman Jinac, a member of the Mideeye party, as their chairman.

In addition, the deputy chairman positions were also divided between the rival parties.

On the other hand, Puntland’s Minister of Interior Affairs, Abdi farah Juha, expressed strong disapproval of the recent developments and the actions of the two opposing groups in the Bossaso district council.

He emphasized that the actions of both groups did not align with the procedures for establishing the district council.

Juha’s statements indicate a significant political divide within the government of Puntland, with the dispute over the formation of the Bosaso district council involving key government officials.

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