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Somalia: SNA clashes with Al Shabaab in Samataro, as Danab forces are but on Alert

Mogadishu September, 21, 2022 (SD) -A fierce battle between Al-Shabaab fighters and Somali National Forces and local fighters is reported from Samataro, west of Booco, Hiiraan region. 

Somali National Army and local Forces crossed Shabelle River after Al-Shabaab fighters fired a number of artillery shells in Booco area in response to the attack. 

There has been a heavy fighting between the allied force and Al-Shabaab fighters in Samataro area, according to eyewitness. There are no independent source that are confirming casualties in the hard-fought battle.

Lately, there were intense battles against Al-Shabaab in Hiiraan region, causing the removal of Al-Shabaab from most of the areas they use to occupy by Somalia’s National Army Forces along with local community forces known as “Ma’awisley”.

In other news,  the Minister of Defence of Somalia, Mr. Abdikadir Mohamed Noor and the Commander of the Armed Forces, General Odawaa Yusuf Rage, today visited Bali-Doogle military camp in the Lower Shabelle region. 

The minister and the commander of the army toured the camp of the 4th and 64th Brigades of Danab commando’s forces and the 7th battalion of the country’s army forces, stationed in Bali-Doogle airfield.

The war against Al-Shabaab has already started in some regions of the country, said Mr. Abdikadir Mohamed Noor, the Minister of Defence of Somalia, calling the troops to be prepared for future operations. 

The Somali forces are waiting for the implementation of operations and wars to end the presence of Al-Shabaab group, Said The Minister. 

The Danab forces in Bali-Doogle base are reportedly highly trained, fully equipped, and financed by the United States government.


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