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Somalia: SNA forces push Al Shabaab out of Moqokori in Hiiraan

Beledweyne September 25,2022 (SD) Somalia National Army Forces and local community forces have taken control of Moqokori district In Hiiraan region, where Al-Shabaab is facing an uprising.

Abdi Moumin Elmi, the commander of the 41st Brigade of the 5th Brigade, 27th Division of the Somali National Army who spoke to Somalia National News Agency, said before the allied forces reached and entered the city, as Al-Shabaab already had fled Maqakori District.

Abdi Moumin Elmi added that Tardo was taken by the allied forces as well which’s part Moqokori District’s villages.

Lately the allied forces have been undertaking significant Successful operations against Al-Shabaab gaining and taking control of all the main bases that the extremists’ group had been controlling the past decade.

After Al-Shabaab burned the houses and water wells of the districts and the villages of Hiiraan region, which led to local residents taking arms and organizing themselves in becoming SNA’s biggest allies.

In other news, the Logistics Commander of the 5th Battalion of the 27th Division of the National Army, Col. Barre Ceyroow, lost his life in a mine explosion in between Halgan & Booco, according to reports. 

According to witnesses, another explosion took place in the road between Beledweyne & Booco today, which hit a Bajaaj (rickshaw), killing two civilians and injured one person. 

Al-Shabaab, has been recently planting explosives on the road sides targeting army and civilians transport vehicles, after been pushed out by the SNA & local allies forces in most of Hiiraan region.

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