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Somalia: SNA forces target AS militants in Bay region

BAIDOA (SD) – The Somali National Army and local forces, working together, carried out a major operation against the Al-Shabaab group in the Sarman Dheere area of the Bay region.

The operation resulted in the killing of several individuals, including insurgents and fighters, with their exact numbers not officially confirmed.

A brief statement from the Federal Government mentioned that the collaborating forces also apprehended some members of the Al-Shabaab group residing in the Sarman Dheere area.

“The operation in the Sarman Dheere area of the Bay region targeted Al-Shabaab militants, resulting in the killing and capture of members affiliated with the extremist group. Some militants were killed in clashes, while others were captured alive,” said the statement issued by the government.

The operation that killed members of Al-Shabaab is part of efforts by government forces and local militias to reclaim many parts of the country from the control of the militant group.

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