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Somalia: SNA recaptures Gaafgaduud-buurey in Bay region from Al Shabaab

Baidoa July 26, 2023 (SD) – The Somali National Army forces have recaptured the town of Gaafgaduud-buurey in Bay region after losing the site following engaging in a fierce battle with the Al-Shabaab group days ago.

According to local residents, the government forces entered the town yesterday and subsequently forced out the extremists who had controlled the area since Sunday.

Al-Shabaab militants left the town when they learned that the national army forces were about to arrive and reinforce their presence in Gaafgaduud.

The Somali National Army forces entered the town on the 23rd of this month after a series of clashes with Al-Shabaab, leading to the extremists’ withdrawal from the area.

Gaafgaduud-buurey, situated approximately 30 kilometers from the regional capital of Baidoa, falls under the Southwestern State administration and has been one of the areas frequently targeted by Al-Shabaab militants, experiencing considerable security challenges.

Overall, the regions in Southwestern Somalia have been prone to violent conflicts, and Al-Shabaab has used their influence to launch major offensives that have affected regions in both Hiran and Galmudug.

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