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SSC-Khaatumo forms a leadership Council

Las Anod July 26, 2023 (SD) – Today, an official inauguration was held in Las Anod for the 45 members to be the SSC-KHAATUMO Leadership Council. These members come from various backgrounds, including elders, politicians, businessmen, scholars, and other segments of society.

Adan Abdillahi Aw-Hassan has been elected as the interim Chairman, being one of the oldest and most prominent figures.

This 45-member council replaces the previous 33-member committee that was governing the affairs of SSC-KHAATUMO’s regions. They will now take charge of addressing the ongoing conflicts in the SSC region with Muse Bihi’s army, along with the region’s politics, economy, and other matters concerning its governance.

Garaad Cabdullaahi Garaad Saleebaan, a prominent member of the SSC community, stated that the SSC-KHAATUMO Leadership Council is dedicated to promptly taking on significant responsibilities and working towards the progress and development of the region.

“We urgently need to end the prevailing misinformation and misunderstandings so that no one mistakenly believes we have hidden motives. We need the support of our fellow countrymen to carry out our duties responsibly and honestly,” said Garaad Abdillahi Garaad Saleeban.

The Federal Government of Somalia has not yet shown great interest in recognizing the council’s establishment and the significant role it will play, as demonstrated by their strong commitment to peace.

Las Anod continues to experience conflict, as the city has recently witnessed a surge in violence, with a heavy military presence destroying vital areas like residential areas, mosques, hospitals, and schools.

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