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Somalia: Suicide bomber strikes near presidential election site

MOGADISHU (SD) – A powerful explosion was heard in many parts of Mogadishu at a checkpoint near Aden Adde International Airport near the KM-4 junction.

A suicide bomber blew himself up targeting a car near a military checkpoint opposite the Africa Hotel.

The blast killed at least three people, two of them soldiers and one civilian.

Al-Shabaab-affiliated media reported that the blast targeted a convoy heading to a tent set up in Aviation camp where Somali presidential candidates were delivering campaign speeches.

The Speaker of the House of the People Hon Sheikh Adan Mohamed Nur (Madobe) condemned today’s attack at the checkpoint near the airport in Mogadishu.

The governor instructed security forces to show extra diligence in preventing organized attacks.

The attack comes as Somalia’s presidential election campaign is underway in Mogadishu.

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