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Somalia: Three new Northern MP’s selected in an hour, Minster Beyleh lost

MOGADISHU – (SD) – Today in Mogadishu, elections took place for the members of the Parliament for the Federal Parliament of Somalia, appointing the representatives of the norther regions in Somaliland.

The results of the elections for the parliament members, came as no surprise for the citizens who have already predicted the outcome was muddled with. The voters and the competitors for the titles spent a total of an hour in the polling stations.

The first seat, HOP247, was secured by Khadra Mohamed Tukaleh, after candidate Filsan Jama Osman withdrew from her candidacy.

The next seat HOP215, was won by a former Senator Ayub Ismail Yusuf, following Ahmed Yusuf Bakal withdrawal from candidacy.

The third and final seat in this morning’s elections, HOP245, was won by Abdirahman Ahmed, who also had a competitor who retracted from his candidacy.

The Federal Parliament of Somalia elections, in some parts of the country, was believed to be interfered with by candidates running against competitors who they already personally know.

The Minister of Finance for the Federal Government of Somalia, Abdirahman Duale Beyleh, addressed the media in Mogadishu today expressing the reasons behind the forfeit of his seat in the parliament. Minister Beyleh, who was a member of the outgoing 10th Somalia Parliament, failed to preserve his seat which was won today by Dr. Abdullahi Hashi Abib.

Minister Beyleh believes that he had lost the hope for his parliamentary seat long before today. He commented that his colleagues had an issue with the means in which he managed the country’s budget, denying any acts of misconducts, and adding that he had also rejected any illegal activities.

The PM’s office and the election office did not respond to Minister Beyleh’s allegations regarding today’s elections.

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