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Somalia tops list of countries where killers of journalists are not prosecuted

Nairobi (SD) – A report released by the Committee to Protect Journalists said that the people behind the killings of journalists are not brought to justice and can move freely wherever they want.

“Somalia remains the world’s worst country for unsolved killings of journalists, according to CPJ’s annual Global Impunity Index, which spotlights countries where members of the press are singled out for murder and the perpetrators go free.” The report highlighted.

Over the past decade, CPJ has recorded 278 murders of journalists. In 81% of these cases, no one has ever been convicted of a crime.

This year’s report ranks Somalia, Syria and Iraq at the top of the list of unaccounted for killers of journalists. While the five worst-hit countries are all dealing with political instability.

“The index showed little change from a year earlier, with Syria, Iraq, and South Sudan, in that order, again coming in behind Somalia to occupy the worst four spots on the list, as conflict, political instability, and weak judicial mechanisms perpetuate a cycle of violence against journalists.” Said the CPJ report.

Advocates for press freedom say it is necessary to continue repressing and monitoring countries that do not hold the perpetrators accountable.

Justice remains elusive in the vast majority of journalist murders -  Committee to Protect Journalists

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