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Somalia tops UN list on violations against children

NY (SD)- The United Nations has released a report listing the world’s most dangerous countries for children to live in, with Somalia topping the list, followed by Congo, Afghanistan and Syria.

“The wars of adults have taken away the childhood of millions of boys and girls again in 2020. This is completely devastating for them, but also for the entire communities they live in, and destroys chances for a sustainable peace”, said Virginia Gamba, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative on CAAC.

According to the United Nations report, 60% of children in Somalia, Congo, Afghanistan and Syria are at risk.

“More than 8,400 youngsters were killed or maimed in ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia, while nearly 7,000 more were recruited and used in fighting, mainly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Syria and Myanmar.” Said the report.

“We need to give children an alternative to violence and abuse: we need peace, respect for child rights and democracy. We need hope in good governance. We need to act to build a future where peace prevails. Please, give children that alternative.” said Virginia Gamba.

As Somalia recovers from conflict, the report clearly states that little progress has been made in sheltering youth, but no organized efforts have been made.

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