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Somalia: Union Candidates advises international community on holding elections

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Union of Presidential Candidates in a letter addressed to the international community provided a warning and advice on how to hold consensus elections in Somalia.

The statement noted the need for an electoral commission to which all parties are satisfied, stating that the union has prepared a list of the members of the technical committee to be removed from the committee.

The union’s statement also called for a meeting between the speaker of the Upper house and traditional elders from Northern Regions and appoint a technical committee to select members of parliament from Somaliland, and their election to be held in Halane with AMISOM troops providing security.

Finally, the Union of Presidential Candidates statement suggested due to the limited time left for the election of members of the lower house, to hold lower house elections in one place instead of in two cities designated by each state.

Read their full statement from the Union of Candidates below:

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