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Somalia Votes Resolution Against Russia

NY (SD) – The UN General Assembly has voted to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and withdraw all its troops, with Western countries leading the historic vote denounced Moscow’s actions.

The resolution was approved by 141 votes to 5, with 35 abstentions. The resolution comes after 193 members of the Security Council convened for the first time since 1997.

The resolution was opposed by five countries including Russia, Eritrea, Syria, North Korea and Belarus, while 35 countries abstained.

Somalia, which currently has a robust diplomatic relations with Russia, was not expected to vote in favor of the western packed resolution.

According to Somalia citizens in Ukraine, the government in preventing Somali students and refugees in fleeing the fighting in the country, a move seen as a racist in nature.

It is unclear how the Russian government will respond to Somalia voting with the west.

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