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Minister Jamal Hassan set to lose his seat as his supporters block a major road

BOSSASO (SD) – The seemingly untouchable Somali Minister of Planning Jamal Mohamed Hassan appears to be loosing his parliamentary seat in the upcoming election in Bossaso.

The minister, who is currently in Bossaso, is currently working hard to ensure that he is unopposed in the upcoming election.

The Chief sultan vetting candidates for the Hop # 169 seat refused to assign Minister Jamal Hassan unopposed, infuriating the minster’s supporters.

The minister may be losing his seat due to his unwavering support for President Farmajo, who is seen an staunch opposition of Puntland.

Puntland claims multi-million dollar projects have been blocked by Minister Jamal in support of President Farmajo.

Candidate Ali Mahdi Elmi Qalato is said to be a shoo-in for the Hop # 169 seat.

On the other hand, reports from Eldahir area in Bari region say that the militias supporting Minister Jamal Hassan are blocking a road connecting that region to Puntland.

The rebels are said to be angry because the Chief Sultan is opposed to undemocratically allocating Jamal Hassan the HOP # 169 seat.

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