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Somalia vows to end the 30-year-old drama that’s Somaliland independence.

MOGADISHU (SD) -The Minister of Interior of the Federal Government of Somalia, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, vowed that the Somali government will soon end what he called the 30-year-old drama that’s Somaliland independence.

Minister Fiqi indicated that the current Somali government is committed to restoring Somali unity and that Somaliland will be a part of the Somali nationhood soon.

The Minister of Interior’s comments, the first of its kind, insinuate that Somalia may force unity on Somaliland.

Speaking yesterday at a gathering supporting a young writer from Hargeisa named Mohamed Haldoor, Minister Fiqi stated that the Somali flag will soon be raised in Hargeisa.

Minister Fiqi was part of the Somali delegation involved in recent talks between the Somali government and Somaliland held in Djibouti. He is also among those advocating strongly for Somali Unity.

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