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Ethiopia: Our army in Somalia is in control of 60% of Somalia’s territory

ADIS ABABA (SD) -The Ethiopian government has announced for the first time that its troops are in control of 60% of Somalia, at a time when there is significant tension with Somalia, due to Addis Ababa’s MoU maritime agreement with Somaliland.

General Birhanu Jula, the commander of the Ethiopian forces, speaking to the EBC media, said that the Ethiopian army in Somalia is in control of 60% of Somalia’s territory and is protecting its peace.

He also stated that Ethiopian troops are sacrificing themselves for peace in Somalia, indicating that their presence has been the reason for the Somali government to sit in Mogadishu.

“If Ethiopian troops withdraw from Somalia, it is not certain that the Somali government will remain in Mogadishu,” said General Birhanu Jula, boasting of the significant role played by their troops in ensuring peace in Somalia.

He also pointed out that the local administrations in Somalia greatly appreciate the presence and support of their troops.

General Birhanu also warned that if Ethiopian troops were to withdraw from Somalia, the population might say “Can we come with you,” citing their role in maintaining peace in Somalia.

“The presence of Ethiopian troops in Somalia is to guarantee Ethiopia’s security and the defense of Somalia against Al-Shabaab,” General Birhanu concluded in his remarks.

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