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Somalia: Warring Security Officials in Bossaso Reconcile

BOSSASO (SD) -The PSF security forces under Mohamud Diyano, and other forces under the command of the Puntland President, Said Deni, have recently mended the differences between the them.

The Puntland administration has managed to resolve the conflicts in Bossaso and reached an understanding beneficial for Puntland.

A meeting between the task forces was convened in the Puntland presidential palace, and the two factions came to an agreement. The officials representing PSF, PMPF, and police security forces, have agreed to restore cooperation between the two security agencies.

The Puntland Minister of Security Affairs, Abdisamad Galan, reported in a press conference that the meeting was productive, and all the task forces have come to an agreement to collaborate in safeguarding the country.

The hostilities and conflicts in Bossaso have been ongoing for a long period of time, and it has destructively impacted the community. Finally, the efforts to reconcile the armed troops in Bossaso were achieved.

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