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Somaliland President and Ministers donate Salary to Drought Relief Efforts

HARGEISA (SD)-The 88th session of the Council of Ministers of Somaliland chaired by the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, was held today in Hargeisa.

The council were briefed by the Minister of Interior Affairs, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, on the national security concerns, and the preparations for the commemoration of the Somaliland Independence Day on May 18th.

Additionally, the Minister of Water Resources Development, Ali Marehan, informed the council of the dire drought situation in the country, and the visit of the Drought Relief Committee to the eastern regions. He urged the council members to act on the disaster of drought in the country.

After thorough discussions by the council, it was decided that to adequately support the civilians affected by the drought, the President and the Vice President and several ministers would contribute a month’s salary for drought relief emergency response.

Finally, the council recommended the fundraising efforts made by the business, and the diaspora communities, and the people of Somaliland to increase their to support the drought-stricken people.

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