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Somalia Woman set ablaze by her husband dies in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) -The Digfer Hospital in the city of Mogadishu recently confirmed the death of Luul Abdiasiis, a woman who was recently attacked by her husband at their residence in Mogadishu.

Some members of Luul Cabdicasiis’ family confirmed the tragedy, stating that the deceased suffered severe fire burns inflicted by her husband. In the days following the incident, her health deteriorated, and she eventually passed away at Digfeer Hospital.

Health authorities have expressed concern that Luul Cabdicasiis’ case is an example of the alarming domestic violence prevailing in the country, and they emphasize the urgent need for effective measures to address such issues.

Despite ongoing efforts by the Somali security forces, incidents like the one involving Luul continue to pose a significant challenge, with her husband reportedly escaping after the violent act.

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