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Somalia’s Chief of Staff of the President resigns

Mogadishu August 13, 2023 (SD) – The Chief of Staff of the Presidency of Somalia, Mr. Hussein Sheikh Mahamoud, officially announced today that he has resigned from his position, which he has held for over a year.

In a statement issued by Chief of Staff Hussein Sheikh Mahamoud, he declared that he has formally stepped down from his role today. He also conveyed that he is now a candidate for the presidency of the Southwestern State.

“I want to officially inform the Somali people that I have resigned from my position as Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Somalia, effective from May 23, 2022. I took on the role of Chief of Staff after being urged by fellow citizens upon my return from an extended diplomatic service. I played a significant role in local and national political developments, especially in the southwest region. However, recent circumstances have convinced me that it is time for me to contribute my efforts towards the people and the region of Southwestern Somalia, which urgently require prolonged efforts to bring stability, progress, unity, and security,” stated Hussein Sheikh.

Furthermore, the former Chief of Staff of Villa Somalia mentioned that he is willing to support the Federal President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, in his efforts to achieve positive changes for the benefit of the people of southwestern Somalia. “Lastly, I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all Somalis, particularly those from the southwestern region, for their understanding and support throughout my various responsibilities,” Hussein Sheikh conveyed in the press release.

The former Chief of Staff stepped down and stated that he is a presidential candidate for the Southwestern State, as Villa Somalia has indicated its determination to seek a change in the presidency of the Southwestern State.

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