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5 children Murdered in the Somali Region of Ethiopia

Mogadishu August 08, 2023 (SD) – Recent reports confirm that 5 children were found dead in a Quranic School in the Somali Regional State in Ethiopian, the children were said to be students.

It is reported that the disturbing incident involving a violent clash took place on the outskirts of Qorof area of Gallaadi district.

The incident took place near the Quranic school were the ambushed killed slept at a location nearby. The children were reportedly attacked by an armed group, causing their unfortunate deaths.

Some reports suggest that three of the children had attended a wedding ceremony the previous day.

Tribal conflicts have been prevalent in these regions, and numerous incidents of violence have occurred in the past, resulting in the deaths of innocent individuals. The local security forces are investigating the recent tragic incident as reported in the media.

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