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Somalia’s electoral Commission: Elections couldn’t be held this year

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Independent Federal Elections Committee Chairwoman Halima Ismail Ibrahim (Halima Yarey) one person one vote could not be held in Somalia by the end of the year.

The Chairwoman told the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament of Somalia that the Independent Electoral Commission has faced challenges including political disputes, insecurity and health problems caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, she stated that theses issues had disrupted the Commission’s work schedule and electoral process, so they could not hold elections on time.

“I am here before the parliament and the Somali people to make it clear that the approved bio metric elections will not be possible by November. 27, 2020 for reasons we have stated, ”said Halima Yarey.

Halima Yarey informed parliament that the committee can hold one person one vote elections over a 13-month period beginning July 2020 and ending Aug. 2021, which means an extension for the government and parliament.

The electoral Chairwoman said that considering the circumstances in the country, the committee had developed an electoral registration which takes place on the same day of voting.

Somalia’s political stakeholders were seen dismissing the electoral commission’s assessment politically motivated.

The news comes as Federal and state authorities have agreed and to meet and discuss elections issues in days.

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