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Somalia’s graft agency vows to ensure transparency of upcoming poll

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somalia’s Anti-Corruption Commission has vowed to monitor the transparency of the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections which are slated for this August.

In a statement, the agency expressed its commitment to ensure the strengthening transparent, fair and democratic electoral process in Somalia saying monitor political funding and spending; and deter the abuse of state resources in elections.

“Under the Constitutional mandate, IACC will closely monitor the actions of the electoral commissions, the delegates and the candidates in a way to prevent against any kind of electoral malpractices,” the anti-graft body said. “IACC notes all concerns raised by all stakeholders and is committed to investigate and take appropriate actions against perpetrators.”

The agency warned against the abuse and misuse of state resources that can derail the provision of government funds and other resources where they are needed most.

“IACC warns against all forms of corruption including but not limited to vote buying and bribery before, during and after elections,” the statement noted.

IACC reiterated its call for respect to give fair and equal opportunities of campaigns for all candidates including women and those from marginalized communities.

“IACC observers will be assigned to respective polling locations across the country. Given the unique nature of our country’s electoral process, IACC is developing an Election Investigations Mechanism for investigators of both administrative and criminal violations. IACC will also launch public awareness and we call for local, national and international stakeholders to collaborate,” IACC said.

IACC noted the requirement of autonomy and accountability for all electoral staff including the members of FIET and SIET and reminds them to strictly comply national laws and legal frameworks on elections.

IACC invited members of the international community to play its important role as independent observers and monitor in a professional and neutral manner that does not disrupt the electoral process and act in accordance with international standards and best practices on conduct by international and national observers.

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