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Somalia’s Minister of Information tells Diaspora government’s MoU defense plan

MINNEAPOLIS (SD) – Somalia’s Minister of Information, Daud Aweis, who participated in a Zoom conference with the Somali community in the Minnesota region of the United States, addressed the Somali government’s plan regarding the defense of the country.

Aweis strongly condemned Ethiopia’s aggressive actions and expressed concerns about the ongoing conflict that jeopardizes the peace of the region.

Aweys also praised the Somali diaspora for their support towards their government and nation, particularly following the recent tensions with Ethiopia. He emphasized that Somalia is determined to resist external pressures and is committed to defending its sovereignty.

Additionally, Aweis indicated that Somalia views the relationship with Ethiopia based on mutual respect and cooperation but will not accept any interference.

The diplomatic relations between Somalia and Ethiopia have been strained, particularly after the signing of the maritime agreement between President Bihi of Somaliland and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, which both Somalia and Ethiopia have conflicting perspectives on.

The situation has led to heightened tensions and a complex diplomatic uproar between the two nations.

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