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Somalia: Airstrike destroys al Shabab Radio station

MOGADISHU (SD) – Reports from the city of Galhareeri in the Galgadud region indicate that yesterday, once again, the city experienced an aerial bombardment carried out by drones.

The airstrike targeted locations where Al-Shabaab militants were positioned, engaging in combat in the vicinity of Galhareeri. According to government sources, the attack inflicted significant damage on Al-Shabaab forces.

Officials and members of Al-Shabaab were reported killed in the airstrike, as confirmed by the Somali government through its media outlets, which cited military personnel stationed in a part of the Galgaduud region under the control of the Galmudug administration.

Residents of Galhareeri have reported witnessing a fierce explosion in some parts of the district, accompanied by subsequent gunfire in the areas struck. People in the region expressed difficulty in assessing the extent of the damage caused by the airstrike.

This recent airstrike in Galhareeri marks the second such incident within a few days, targeting Al-Shabaab positions in the area. The attack resulted in the destruction of facilities associated with Al-Shabaab, including the Al-Andalus radio station, and casualties among militants and civilians.

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