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Somalia’s Minister of Justice talks about Baidoa election conference

Baidoa (SD) – Minister of Justice of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama, the chair of the FG technical committee, the Federal Member States and the region of Banadir, gave details of discussions of the country’s election process in Baidoa.

He noted that the meeting, which opened yesterday afternoon, was aimed at discussing the contentious issues related to the elections, such as the situation in Gedo region, the issue of the Electoral Commission and the process of managing the election of members of parliament from Somaliland.

Minister Saleh noted that the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Mohamed Hussein Roble, addressed the members of the committee virtually, reminding them the importance of the task ahead them for the whole country.

Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama thanked South West President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed who also met with the committee and urged them to make decisions leading the country to elections, and praised his administration for hosting the conference.

According to sources, the Baidoa conference has the support of the international community, which connected the heads of the federal government and regional administrations in the country, other efforts are reportedly underway to find solution to the Gedo region issue, which is the most difficult issue facing the elections.

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