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Somalia’s Spy Agency shuts down Al Shabab Websites

MOGADISHU (SD) -Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) has announced the successful shutdown of major websites used by the Al-Shabaab group to disseminate propaganda.

A statement released by NISA revealed that 14 websites affiliated with Al-Shabaab were taken down. The affected websites include well-known platforms such as Calamada, Somalimemo, Radio Al-Furqaan, and Amiir Nuur. Despite previous attempts to disrupt their activities, Somalimemo reportedly functions intermittently.

This action follows the government’s recent decision to block websites associated with Al-Shabaab within Somalia. The shutdown is part of ongoing efforts to curb the group’s online presence, with NISA confirming the removal of these websites from global access.

Additionally, the statement mentioned that NISA had successfully intercepted twenty WhatsApp groups and 2,500 phone numbers associated with Al-Shabaab’s communication networks.

The Somali government has been proactive in its measures to counter Al-Shabaab’s online activities, and this recent move is seen as a significant step in disrupting the group’s propaganda dissemination.

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