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Somaliland: a rebel group threatens Berbera port

Hargeisa July 30, 2023 (SD) – Reports and videos have been circulating in the public domain, confirming that an unidentified group of rebels has infiltrated the Gacan-libaax area of Somaliland.

Since both the group and the Somaliland government have not provided detailed information, many people are questioning the group’s intentions.

The forces involved in the uprising, as it is described come from the clans residing in the Gacan-libaax area, located between Hargeisa and Berbera. A recent incidents have resulted in clashes with unknown casualties on both sides.

The government’s actions, including the flawed roadmap for the upcoming election, have been described by some as “provocative” against Somaliland’s opposition parties.

Many insiders believe the military’s presence in Gacan-Libaax exacerbates the political tensions surrounding Somaliland’s internal affairs and upcoming elections.

The opposition party in Somaliland, Waddani, issued a written statement accusing the government of causing unrest among the people.

The rebel group’s presence in the region is said to have attracted locals’ attention, but the specific reasons for their presence remain unverified.

Eventually, clashes occurred between the group and the military forces.

The Somaliland government has not officially commented on the incident, but there are reports of the military taking measures to contain the situation.

Additionally, elders involvement reportedly aims to mediate between the military and the unidentified group, seeking a peaceful resolution to avoid further conflict. Recent events in Somaliland have witnessed increased tensions between opposition factions and the government.

As of now, the situation in Somaliland remains fluid, and there is a need for transparent communication from both the government and the involved group to clarify their objectives and find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis, which has escalated between the opposition and the government in the past few weeks.

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