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Somalia: 15 officials arrested in connection with an Al Shabaab attack

Mogadishu July 29, 2023 (SD) – Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Federal Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Abdifatah Qassim, today responded to the questions of Members of the Federal Parliament regarding the 14 officials arrested linked to the bombing at Jaalle Siyad University.

The Minister stated that the arrested officials, including the University’s head security and some security personnel, are suspected of having links to extremist groups and are believed to be responsible for the tragic incident at Jaalle Siyad University.

Furthermore, the Minister also mentioned that a special investigation team, comprised of intelligence agencies such as NISA, the Police, and the Ministry of Federal Affairs, is actively working on gathering additional information related to the attack.

Al-Shabaab carried out a deadly attack On Jaalle Siyad University on October 14, resulting in the loss of numerous lives, including a significant number of soldiers. The attack took place in the Lower Shabelle region.

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