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Somaliland accuses Somalia murder and abductions

HARGEISA -The Somaliland government has accused the Somali government of committing various crimes, including murder, abduction, and other violations against people from Somaliland residing in Mogadishu.

In a press release issued after today’s Council of Ministers meeting, read by the Minister of Information, Ali Mohamed Hassan, said that the government of Somalia has committed crimes against the people of Somaliland.

Furthermore, the Somali government was accused of being responsible for recent killings in Mogadishu and other incidents where individuals were reportedly abducted and disappeared, alleged to be planned attacks targeting Somalilanders.

He said Somaliland has lodged formal complaints against the Somali government with international organizations, while also urging the international community to hold Somalia accountable.

Additionally, the minister claimed Somaliland controls its borders, airspace, and coastline, and any agreements entered into by the Somali government will not be implemented in Somaliland.

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