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Somaliland Apologises for former Representative’s Anti UAE Tweets

Hargeisa (SD) – The UAE government has expressed outrage over Twitter posts by a former Somaliland representative Hassan Hirad Yasin, criticizing the United Arab Emirates.

In his tweet, Hassan Hirad has criticized the UAE government for lack of adequate aid from the UAE government to Somaliland, accusing them of not fulfilling other previous commitments, such as saying the UAE has set up a hospital in Berbera, Where an Emirati hospital is worth millions of dollars.” He said.

He also blamed the recent program in Hargeisa that a UAE man has provided financial support to needy families in Hargeisa, saying the program was corrupt and fake.

The former Representative who is Canadian said he received threatening messages from unnamed UAE individuals.

The UAE government is said to have contacted the government of Somaliland, inquiring about the former Somaliland representative’s Tweets.

The Somaliland Foreign Ministry has written a letter to the UAE government, expressing its apology over the views published on Twitter by the former Representative, according to geeska Africa newspaper.

The former representative was named by President Bihi right after his election, Mr. Hirad was living there but was not part of the Somaliland foreign ministry.

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