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Somaliland arrests six linked to fake currency in Hargeisa

HARGEISA (SD) – Police in Somaliland are holding six men who were found in possession of fake currencies in Hargeisa town.

Speaking to the media, the Commander of the Immigration Force, Brigadier General Mohamed Alin (Dayib), said five of the six men were from Nigeria, and the last man is believed to be from southern Somalia.

“Immigration forces caught the foreigners with assistance from the police and the Bank of Somaliland. They were in possession of paper for making money, chemicals, paper cutting, labelling, and chalk. Herbal and liquid medications, as well as other devices to aid their crime,” the commander said.

According to Dayib, the suspects were also carrying several mobile phones and fake United Nations employee badges.

The commander confirmed that the suspects were undergoing investigation.

The police is carrying out investigation into their cases and they will be arraigned in court in the forthcoming days,” the commander said.

The former Governor of the Central Bank of Somaliland, Ali Ibrahim Jama (Baghdadi said men are part of a well-organized criminal network that was working to destabilize the country’s economy.

“They had all the necessary chemicals and paper to carry out their work, and they were looking for a considerable sum of money, but we thwarted their attempt. I can confirm that these men did not introduce any fake currency into the economy,” Jama said.

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