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Somaliland: Auditor General launches an investigationagainst the National Procurement Commission

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s National Audit Office today announced it has launched an investigation at the headquarters of the National Procurement Commission

The investigation will be led by Sa’ad Abdi Abdilahi, the deputy chairman of the National Audit Office, the investigations are part of a series of audits scheduled for this month.

Nuh Mohamed Hussein, chairman of the National Procurement Committee, welcomed the investigation by the National Audit Office and to carry out their assigned duties.

Saad Abdi Abdilahi, deputy chairman of the National Audit Office, said as part of their mandate, they will launch a rolling investigation into government offices, agencies, and local governments in the country.

The National Procurement commission’s work comes up quite a lot, as its procurement practises are not as transparent as they should be, according to critics.

This investigation by an internal government agency is seen as nothing more than a feeble attempt to clear the commission’s conduct.

Somaliland’s National Audit Office recently announced it stepped up its investigations on corrupt government officials announcing the arrest of some official in several provinces.  

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