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Somaliland bans the BBC from its territories

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland’s Minister of Information, Saleeban Ali Koorre, announced today that the BBC Somali service is banned from operating in Somaliland.

The Minister accused the BBC it has degraded the honor and dignity of Somaliland, without clearly stating the official reason for the ban.

Reliable reports said that the ban has to do with the canceled the BBC Somali service’s 65th anniversary ceremony in Hargeisa, due to security concerns.

Others have linked the ban to President Bihi’s brazen disregard for freedom of the press and other constitutional enshrined rights and privileges.

The government of Muse Bihi has in recent years also shut down the BBC Somali, VOA Somali, Universal and other local media houses after they reported what the government deemed unfavorable stories.

The BBC is yet to address the accusations and the ban by the Somaliland government.

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