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Somaliland opposition: The President to blame for the collapsed talks

HARGEISA (SD) – The Somaliland National opposition parties Waddani and UCID have announced that the presidential election talks with President Muse Bihi have completely collapsed.

The chairpersons of the opposition parties held a press conference in Hargeisa city today and blamed the failure of the talks on the crisis of President Muse Bihi.

The opposition parties have accused the president of Somaliland that there is no one he trusts and believes that only his words and actions are the law.

UCID chairman Faysal Ali Warabe confirmed that President Bihi decline to give full confidence in the two Chairmen of the House of Representatives and Guurti, whom he chose to mediate, and the opposition agreed.

The opposition national parties said that Bihi’s government, which is about to expire, will not be allowed to rule the country unconstitutionally.

The ruling Kulmiye party said that the talks have not yet been finalized and that the opposition leaders have told the media and said that the talks have collapsed.

The failure of the election talks between President Bihi and the opposition is once again fueling tensions in Somaliland, which has a potential to destabilize the unrecognized enclave.

Speakers of the Senate and House of Representatives did not address the talks and who is responsible for the collapse.

In June, the opposition parties held a prodemocracy rally in Hargeisa, which resulted in a widespread government led crack down and mass arrests and torturing of journalists and officials from the opposition parties.

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