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Somaliland: Central Bank Governor fired due to international pressure

Hargeisa (SD)- The most talked about casualty of President Bihi latest reshuffle was that of the Governor of the Bank of Somaliland, Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi.

Governor Baghdadi, known to brag about his close relationship with President Bihi, was reportedly unaware of his demise and was in fact at his office working as the reshuffle was being announced.

According to credible sources, Ali Baghdadi has brought the government and Somaliland into disrepute, after some donor countries and international organizations advocating for human rights and freedom of expression criticized his abusive treatment of the media.

Somaliland, which touts it’s democratic achievements and bases it’s quest for Independence, has been questioned several times about Governor Baghdadi’s conduct and allegations.

The biggest scandal surrounding the ousted Governor of the Bank has been the closure of Hadhwanaagnews International Network, and the arrest and torture of its Hargeisa staff in September 2019.

“Somaliland’s government has made a habit of cracking down on media that exposes alleged misconduct by the region’s political elites,” said CPJ’s Sub-Saharan Africa representative, Muthoki Mumo. “Journalists should be allowed to cover allegations of corruption without intimidation. We call on the government to immediately release Abdikani Abdullahi Ahmed and Abdirisak Gooth Nur, and to allow HadhwanaagNews to operate without interference.”

Ali Baghdadi was angered by an article written by Abdi Shotaly regarding him misappropriating public funds published by Hadhwanaag website.

The fall-out of the incident led to Ali Baghdadi losing the confidence of numerous cabinet members and ultimately leading to President Bihi to fire him his post.

Somaliland’s new Foreign minster reportedly informed the president that Baghdadi’s reputation Places them all behind the eight ball.

The former governor of the bank has reportedly jailed more than seven journalists during his tenure, all because they dared to do expose on his antics.

Sources have added that Ali Baghdadi received no response from the presidential palace after a request to meet with the President after his removal, yet another sign of how much Baghdadi is done.

Ali Baghdadi, a Canadian citizen, has never been back to Canada where his family resides for almost the four years he is been in the cabinet due to lawsuits against him by Hadhwanaagnews.

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