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Somaliland: Chief Justice releases number of election related lawsuits filed in the country’s courts

Hargeisa (SD) – chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Somaliland and the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Adan Haji Ali, confirmed the number of election complaint cases filed with the Courts.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said that there were only a handful of complaints about the election results received by the regional and district courts in the country.

“We have received few complaints across the country. The Togdheer Regional Court has received eight complaints, but the application requirements have not been met, so no charges have been filed. Sool region has received 4 complaints, they will be evaluated prior to confirming the results, and the Sanaag court has received one complaint and they will evaluate prior to the confirmation of the results” he said.

On the other hand, the Justice noted that lately they have been accepting complaints regarding the preliminary results of the House of Representatives, noting that applications from candidates are in accordance with the requirements of the law, checking if the requirements are met.

Somaliland has held peaceful local and parliamentary elections on May 31, 2021, with preliminary results released a week ago.

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