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Somaliland: China cannot tell us who we can have political relations with

HARGEISA (SD) – The Chinese government criticized a recent Somaliland ministerial delegation led by Foreign Minister Essa Keyd that traveled to Taiwan on Wednesday.

Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr. Issa Kayd told reporters while in Taipei, that China does not have a say in the matter.

“China cannot tell us who Somaliland can have political relations with as we are an independent and free nation” said the Somaliland Foreign Minister, who was responding to China’s condemnation.

Dr. Kayd added that they are open to dealing with any nation that respects their independence and wants to do business with them without any strings attached.

The Chinese government also accused Taiwan of undermining the sovereignty and unity of other countries.

China is known for waging a diplomatic war against countries trying to establish political ties with Taiwan.

Taiwan and Somaliland established political relations a year ago, but are not recognized by the world.

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