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Somaliland Coast Guard seizes two tankers

Berbera (SD) – The Somaliland Coast Guard in Sahil region seized two tankers that have illegally crossed into Somaliland waters.

The Berbera coast guard have been monitoring the two tanker’s movements since October 5th when they crossed from the Somaliland-Djibouti border.

The commander of the Berbera coast guard, Colonel Harun Said Ali, confirmed that the two tankers entered Somaliland waters from the Somaliland-Djibouti border on Oct 05,2021 and had been operating in Somaliland waters.

The military says the two tankers are registered in Togo, West Africa, and has 23 crew members from various countries.

The commander added that the crew refused to share their information with the army and the Berbera port branch.

The two tankers, Gladiator and Hercules, are being searched at a Somaliland military base in Berbera.

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