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Somaliland commander: we will remain and defend Las Anod

Hargeysa April 02, 2023 (SD) – The Somaliland Armed Forces have spoken about the latest conflict that took place in the town of Las Anod between their forces and the SSC forces, and the current situation in the area.

Brigadier General Faysal Abdi Bootan, the commander of Somaliland’s 12th Brigade, stated that yesterday, his forces were attacked by hostile elements, but they were able to repel the attack with decisive action. He said that his forces are committed to defending the area against any further aggression.

General Bootan also mentioned that the attackers were comprised of Puntland forces, local militias, and militant groups, but they were ultimately defeated, with many casualties and vehicles captured.

In his statement, General Bootan confirmed that his forces are currently stationed in Gooja Cade and are ready to defend against any further attacks from any hostile forces.

For the past two months, the city of Las Anod in the Sool region has been the site of clashes between Somaliland forces and SSC forces, resulting in significant loss of life, massive displacement and property damage.

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