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Somalia requests to join AGOA

Mogadishu April 02, 2023 (SD) – The Federal Government of Somalia has officially requested to join the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), a trade program that promotes economic development and facilitates trade between Africa and the United States.

Somalia aims to join the 36 African countries already benefiting from AGOA, which provides opportunities for duty-free access to the American market and other benefits for African businesses.

The Somali government requested to join AGOA at an event in Mogadishu, which was attended by the US Ambassador to Somalia, Larry André. The Ambassador highlighted how AGOA is a key component of the US strategy for promoting trade and investment in Africa and Somalia.

Senior economic advisor to the President of the Republic, Hassan Aadan Hoosow, has announced that AGOA provides African countries with the opportunity to sell their products duty-free in the United States market.

AGOA, which was signed into law by the US Congress in 2000, is a trade program that aims to promote economic growth and development in Africa and foster trade relations between the US and Africa. Joining AGOA will provide Somalia with an opportunity to increase its exports to the US and create economic opportunities for its people.

However, joining AGOA requires Somalia to meet certain requirements related to the development of its economy, adherence to trade rules, good governance, and human rights standards.

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